Facial Skin Care

Our facial skin care products are 100% natural, handcrafted in small batches and made here in New Zealand.   We use a high percentage of ingredients from organic farming in our products and 20% of our profits go towards conserving our native bird the Kiwi on our 3,000 acres of wild, untouched native forest.  Some important feature ingredients in our facial skin care range are certified organic Manuka Honey, certified organic Rosehip oil along with organically grown Fair Trade raw (unrefined) Shea Butter.  

We are proud supporters of our native Kiwi bird   

Eventone Manuka Honey & Rosehip Lightening Cream - for Day & Night

Anti-aging cream that effectively treats sun damage and problem pigmentation for DRY, OILY or COMBINATION skin types. Our customers say this product fades problem pigmentation very effectively. Featuring organic, raw Shea Butter, organic Manuka honey, organic Rosehip oil and other organic botanical oils along with therapeutic extracts including anti-aging extracts of White tea, Burdock & Kiwifruit.

$56.00 NZD

Eternity Manuka Honey & Rosehip Anti-age and Repairing Night cream

An intensive treatment for ALL SKIN TYPES and particularly for MATURE and AGING skin. It repairs, rejuvenates and powerfully tones your skin while you sleep - featuring organic Rosehip, Tamanu, Sea Buckthorn, Marula and Borage oils, extra vitamin E, anti-aging White tea and Mamaku extracts as well as Hibiscus extract, nature's botox plant

$53.90 NZD

Day Cream Raspberry & Carrot seed - 'Framboise'

An anti-aging Day cream with natural sun damage protection properties, this cream is our lightest cream. It is particularly suited to OILY/ ACNE PRONE skin and MEN'S skin, but is highly moisturising and therapeutic to ALL SKIN TYPES. Rich in Raspberry seed oil, anti-aging and skin fortifying botanicals to boost your skin's resistance to the elements

$49.00 NZD

Adoration Manuka Honey & Rosehip Day Cream

A luxurious Day cream for NORMAL to DRY skin with organic Rosehip, Calendula, Camellia and Sea Buckthorn oils along with anti-aging extracts of White tea, Burdock root and Kiwifruit

$51.90 NZD

Optimum Manuka Honey & Rosehip Eye Cream

Formulated for maximum moisturisation & nourishment around the eye area - featuring organic Rosehip, Borage and Apricot Kernel oils along with Bilberry and Chamomile extracts to strengthen the delicate tissue around the eye and to smooth fine lines

$44.90 NZD

Celebration Manuka Honey & Rosehip Day Cream

A luxurious Day cream for NORMAL to OILY and COMBINATION skin with organic Rosehip, Jojoba, Camellia and Calendula oils along with anti-aging extracts of White tea, Kiwifruit and Angelica root

$51.90 NZD

Facial oil Organic & Rejuvenating - Antioxidant & Retinol rich - 30 mL

An exquisite and intensely therapeutic facial oil consisting of organic Rosehip oil, organic Jojoba oil and organic Apricot Kernel oil along with a superb blend of therapeutic pure essential oils (featuring Helichrysum oil).

$34.90 NZD

Rosehip oil - Certified organic - source of natural Retinol 30 mL

The king of all botanical oils for skin treatment. Our Rosehip oil is 100% certified organic, cold-pressed, solvent free and refrigerated until despatched

$24.90 NZD
$44.90 NZD