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 PO Box 57, Stratford, Taranaki, New Zealand

Phone +64 27 491 3114 

Welcome to Flora Organics!   We are glad that you have found us.  

Welcome to our family run business.  We are very enthusiastic about the power of nature's benefits for skin and we are also passionate about preserving our natural environment.  We give 20% of our profits towards helping the native Kiwi bird.  Situated in the beautiful natural landscape of rural Taranaki and Nelson, we are blessed with 3000 acres of native New Zealand wild Manuka bushlands largely untouched by humankind from which we harvest our own honey.  
Our star ingredient is certified organic Manuka Honey which is available exclusively from New Zealand, Fair Trade raw, unrefined Shea Butter grown organically in Ghana along with the king of all botanical oils, certified organic, cold-pressed, Rosehip oil.  To these we have added a wonderful range of other botanical oils and therapeutic extracts to suit your skin's needs.

Why shop at Flora Organics?
Our products...
* Are 100 % natural
* Have very high quality ingredients
* Are exceptionally rich
* Contain 98 to 100% active plant ingredients (compared to the average 5 to 10% active chemical ingredients in commercial brands)
* Have a high percentage of ingredients from organic farming
(farming without the use of artificial fertilisers and toxic pesticides).  
* Support the efforts of many organic farmers around the world.
We give 20% of our profits towards helping the native Kiwi bird.
Our customers...
* Notice a lasting improvement in skin tone and elasticity which they don't get from other products.
* Are delighted with the very noticeable rejuvenating effects to their skin (more youthful and radiant).
By buying from us you can be assured you are investing in very high quality products.  Please take the time to survey our 100% natural skin care range. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions or offer any feedback or suggestions.  We love to hear from our customers.
The very best of health to you from us all at FLORA ORGANICS -  Proud supporters of our native Kiwi bird