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 PO Box 57, Stratford, Taranaki, New Zealand

Phone +64 27 491 3114

Welcome to Flora Organics!   We are glad that you have found us.  

We are a small family project, the proceeds going from our sales towards the work we do on our 4,000 acre native forest in the East Taranaki ranges which we keep protected as a Kiwi Reserve.  We are actively involved in native tree plantation, having planted over 1 million trees to date.  We are very enthusiastic about the power of nature to benefit health and so we have provided a range of natural goods for you to enjoy while also giving you the opportunity to contribute towards the conservation of our native wildlife.  

Why shop at Flora Organics?
By shopping with us you can know that you are supporting one of our most important endangered species - our native Kiwi bird.
Our products...
* Are 100% natural
* Have high quality ingredients
* Contain 98 to 100% active plant ingredients (compared to the average 5 to 10% active chemical ingredients in commercial brands)
* Have a high percentage of ingredients from organic farming
The very best of health to you from us all at FLORA ORGANICS -  Proud supporters of our native Kiwi bird