Ingredients > Dehydroacetic acid & Benzyl alcohol

Dehydroacetic acid & Benzyl alcohol  (Ecocert approved preservative for natural and organic cosmetics)

This preservative, with a subtle aroma of almonds, is a highly effective addition in our 100% natural skin care range to ensure they stay free of any microbes. Dehydroacetic acid is an organic acid found in the flowers of the solandra species while Benzyl alcohol is a constituent found in many pure essential oils, fruits and teas. Together they form an effective preservative that is ECOCERT approved and is recognised as a safe preservation method that supports a natural and organic philosophy.  Some other preservatives used in 'natural products' such as the widely used phenoxyethanol are considered questionable as far as their safety goes. ECOCERT introduced the "Natural and organic cosmetics standard" in 2003 disallowing the use of phenoxyethanol.