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Manuka Honey (Certified organic)

Manuka honey can only be sourced here in New Zealand where bees gather nectar from the Manuka tree which grows wild in undeveloped, unspoiled native bushlands.  We use certified organic raw Manuka honey in many of our products and it is a key ingredient. To meet the certified organic requirement, our honey has been taken from hives that are located in remote areas at least 3 kms away from any intensive farming. In addition, no harmful chemicals are present and hives are constructed from environmentally friendly materials.  Manuka honey is world renowned for its exceptional anti-oxidant and healing benefits for skin.  It effectively prevents damage by free radicals, helps maintain collagen structures in the skin and promotes the repair of skin cell damage by stimulating new cell growth.  Certified organic Manuka honey is a key ingredient in our 100% natural skin care products.