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Helichrysum pure essential oil (Also known as 'Everlasting' or 'Immortelle')

The name 'Helichrysum' comes from the Greek words 'helisso' meaning to 'turn around' and the word 'chrysos' which means 'gold'.  This wonderful oil is particularly effective in stimulating cell renewal (due to its diketones), fading scar marks and treating skin irregularities and blemishes.  It is a very expensive oil in the pure form that we use. Helichrysum is very calming and soothing to sensitive skin or skin with rosacea and dermatitis, helping fade redness and soothe dryness.  In addition it has significant free radical scavenging and anti-aging properties and has the ability to block UV-light damage that can contribute to formation of skin cancers.  This oil is featured in Immortelle our facial oil, a blend of Rosehip oil and a synergistic blend of other therapeutic plant oils.