Natural Teeth & Oral Care

We offer you two 100% natural tooth powder formulations to effectively remove plaque, remineralise and whiten your teeth. In order to fortify your teeth, we recommend applying the raw ingredient Calcium Carbonate directly onto your teeth along with Silica, for optimum cleansing and remineralisation.  Our natural teeth products go a long way compared to popular commercial brands.  We guarantee your teeth will feel really clean as well! 

Eco Dental Floss

Eco Dental Floss 100% natural - Eco Dental Floss Biodegradable - Eco Dental Floss compostable

$7.00 NZD
$9.90 NZD

Power Mouthwash & Gargle concentrate - 100% Natural

A Mouthwash concentrate to sanitise your mouth and give you instant freshness - equivalent to 5.4 litres of conventional mouthwash

$22.90 NZD

Breath Freshener - ZING Mouth Drops with Peppermint, Fennel & Chlorophyl

Get instant freshness with our zingy 100% natural powerful breath freshener - just one drop needed!

$12.00 NZD

Teeth Whitener Kit - Activated Coconut Charcoal & Bamboo Toothbrush

Coconut Charcoal - A natural way to remove stains from your teeth enamel with added Xylitol for improved taste

$19.90 NZD

Clove Oral Oil - with oil of Clove for Dental pain

A dental pain relieving oil for dental pain before or after seeing a dentist

$11.90 NZD