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Marianne James

Not all Rosehip oils are equal in quality.  This is because quality is affected by how it is grown and extracted. In fact much of the benefits of Rosehip oil may be destroyed if it is not extracted in the right way.

Rosehip oil along with many other oils can often be extracted with the use of chemical solvents, some of which of course ends up in the finished product. If you see a Rosehip oil that is very cheap in price, it is more than likely that it is mass produced using the chemical extraction method.  

Untreated organically grown Rosehip oil will always have a warm, earthy aroma and be reddish orange in colour. You need to look out for this. This shows that it has not gone through any bleaching or treatment process or any kind of transformation. 

Finding the best quality Rosehip oil:

  • Certified organic Rosehip oil will never have been processed using chemical solvents as an oil must be free of any chemicals to be certified organic as well as having been grown organically without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilisers.
  • In addition, if it says it is cold-pressed, that means no significant heat has been used to extract the oil from the rosehips.
  • It should be preservative free.  It can be an advantage however to buy Rosehip oil that has natural Vitamin E added (an anti-oxidant) as this extends the life of the oil and prevents it from slowly oxidising over time.
  • Another bonus to look for is if the Rosehips are 'wild-grown' or 'wild-harvested' which means they are more likely to contain even more nutrients.

You will only get pure Rosehip oil as nature provides it when you select certified organic, cold-pressed Rosehip oil that's preservative free and preferably from wild-grown and harvested rosehips.  


At FLORA ORGANICS, we highly recommend using Rosehip oil as an addition to your usual skin care routine.  Our Rosehip oil is cold-pressed, certified organic and wild-grown and harvested. In addition, in order to preserve its freshness, we refrigerate it until the moment it is despatched to you.  

The benefits of Rosehip oil:

Rich in vitamin C, retinol, lycopene, beta-carotene and the essential fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9, Rosehip oil has superb moisturising, nourishing, anti-aging and rejuvenating effects. Retinol is now widely recognised for its very potent anti-aging benefits.  It has been scientifically proven that Rosehip oil:

  • regenerates skin
  • attenuates scars
  • evens skin tone
  • reduces fine lines
  • boosts cell turnover and collagen
  • balances skin's oils
  • lightens imperfections like acne scarring and sun spots
  • slows down the signs of skin ageing and sun damage effects  

Many people endorse Rosehip oil as the best natural oil to put on your skin and is a more economical version than more expensive serums which to their credit, do often have other beneficial oils added in as well. It is widely known that Kate Middleton is a fan of Rosehip oil and uses it everyday in her skin care routine. 

Suitable for Dry to Oily skin !!

Rosehip oil is known as a 'dry' oil which means it absorbs easily without leaving an oily residue and is therefore suitable for most skin types, from dry to oily. Even oily skin will readily tolerate Rosehip oil provided you don't over-do it. It will not clog your skin pores and in fact it will help to regulate your own oil regulation. You only need a tiny amount, which means it goes a long way. 

Tips for applying Rosehip oil:

Just two or three drops on your forehead and then on cheeks is sufficient to spread around your entire face. You only need to use it sparingly, simply because it is exceptionally rich. You don't want to/need to drown your skin with it.  You need to apply it over moist skin for easy application with one of these methods:

  • cleanse (and tone if you do) then apply a few drops over your damp face, gently massaging it in.
  • dab a few drops on forehead and cheeks, then apply moisturiser, spreading the oil with the moisturiser as you go.
  • mix a couple of drops of oil into your facial toner and apply them both

Rosehip oil is also used for:

  • superficial burns
  • for closed wounds to reduce scarring
  • improving the appearance of existing scars
  • dermatitis
  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • stretch marks
  • sun damage
  • dry skin
  • cradle cap
  • brittle nails
  • cuticle treatment for stronger nails
  • healing of very dry cracked skin
  • dark circles under the eyes

People who use Rosehip oil notice a marked difference in the benefits they get when using the purest variety (certified organic, cold-pressed).  A proven example of the principle that the less we tamper with what nature provides, the more benefits we will get for ourselves.  Be kind to nature and nature will be kind to us, that's our philosophy here at FLORA ORGANICS when it comes to natural cosmetics. Try our top of the line, high quality Rosehip oil which is wild-grown & harvested, cold-pressed and certified organic.


  • It certainly helps to be informed and to make good choices when choosing natural cosmetics. Rosehip oil is amazing.


  • Very informative blog, thank you !!!


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